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A versatile fabric, Loom Textured has undoubtedly been one of the most celebrated fabrics in India. Keeping the legacy of wearing this soft and light fabric in seasons across the year alive, our Blended Loom Textured collection will keep you draped in the richness of Indian history and Independence movement. These blended Loom Textured designs dipped in a subtle color-palette is ideal for your daily-wear outfits. With customization and love for Indian textiles ruling the trends, design your own Loom Textured outfit into a Kurta, pants, straight slit skirts, saree, half-jacket and more.

A fabric that is woven using dyed yarns to make specific patterns and designs in the fabric is called yarn-dyed fabric. Yarns are dyed prior to the weaving process and sometimes yarns are based on the fabric design plan.
Depending on the fabric design, dyed yarns are used either in the warp direction (stripes) or both the warp and weft directions (checks). The manufacturing cost and manufacturing time are higher compared to plain fabrics.

This Jamdani fabric in a creme base boasts delicate heart motifs which is handwoven in by extra weft technique into the pure cotton textile. Lightweight and breezy, this Jamdani fabric is the perfect fabric for women's casual shirts, blouses, dresses, scarves, light summer wear as well as homeware like sheer curtains. Being made of 100% natural material and handwoven, the fabric is sustainable fabric and hypoallergic.

Scarves come in many shapes, sizes and, importantly, fabrics. A scarf’s fabrication determines its texture, appearance, and weather-appropriateness, so you should always pay attention to fabric when you’re shopping for scarves.
This Handmade Cotton Towels India comes in Large size. This large size is big enough to warp around your body and can be used as beach towel.
Towel Fabric · 100% Cotton Towelling Fabric, For Bath Room, Beach, Beach Wrap, Gym, Massage Cover-up, Style: Jacquard terry towel fabric etc.

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